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This documentation will provide a step by step guide on how to use some of the most crucial basic parts of Easy HTML.

Creating a new project


Fig 1.1 is a screen shot of how to create a project. As shown in the screenshot the projects tab has to be selected. After this is selected then the create option needs to be selected.

Opening a new project


Fig 1.2 is a screenshot of opening a new project. The screen shot shows the project tab has to be selected and then the open tab has to be selected.


Fig 1.3 is a screenshot of the next window which appears when trying to open the project. When this window appears select the project which needs to be opened.

Generate web


Fig 1.4 is a screen of how to select the generate web option. As the screen print shows projects need to be select and then generate web has to be selected.


Fig 1.5 is a screen print of the screen which pops up after the generate web option has been selected. The screen shot shows a file path and generate the entire web site has to be selected.

Creating a master page


Fig 1.6 is a screen print of how to create a master page. As the screenshot shows master pages has to be selected and then create has to be selected.


Fig 1.7 is a screen shot of the next pop which appears. When this pops up the fields which appear on the screen need to be filled out and the confirm button needs to be pressed.

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