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No documentation and not user friendly


I have tested the application I have found an issue where the application is not very user friendly and is very difficult to use as there is no clear documentation on how to use the project.


skercrow wrote Sep 2, 2016 at 1:33 PM


A documentation in codeplex is in progress.
Also, an interactive tutorial will be added as soon as possible into the soft.

To resolve this issue, I can add some samples files for help.
These samples are in progress to be available; a few numbers of bugs makes this more complicated.
But, there will be fixed in a few days.

An import action allows the user to add a number of pieces in his project's work.

The user should import some tools (like html, dhtml and html 5, jquery ui, etc). He is able to create his own tool from scratch or to modify imported tools.

Also, master objects and master pages gives access to compose rapidly his pages in his process.
These objects give the ability to import PHP, ASP.NET, JSP samples and customize them.

With this help, EHD will become user friendly and scalable to fix our needs.